Fluoroplastic restoration and transformation – From adhesive tape to domes

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Matsuura Plant


Matsuura Plant
200 Azashioiri, Hiraomen, Tsukinokawa-cho, Matsuura City, Nagasaki Prefecture
859-4531 Japan
TEL +81-956-73-0411 FAX +81-956-73-0412

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Our predecessor company (parent company) was an enterprise that operated a
coal mine in Kyusyu. However, it changed the business on the occasion of
energy transformation from coal to oil in the 1960s and then established
many affiliated companies. One of them was our company, Chukoh Chemical
In 1964, Matsuura Plant was constructed on land after the coal mine
possessed by the parent company. After that, several extension works have
been carried out along with the expansion of business up to the present
Matsuura Plant manufactures fabrics using our world-class level
fluoroplasic coating technology and produces a variety of fluoroplasic
products from processing materials to high value-added products.