Fluoroplastic restoration and transformation – From adhesive tape to domes

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Specialty Coating Dept.


Specialty Coating Dept.
Specialty coating section
851-46, Shimomen, Tsukinokawa-machi, Matsuura-city, Nagasaki Prefecture
859-4536 Japan
TEL +81-956-72-2951 FAX +81-956-72-2952

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In 2004, we started the specialty coating business as a new business succeeding our fluoroplasic business. The purpose of this business is to develop highly functional industrial textiles by applying our core technology ; fluoroplasic coating technology to other resins. Silicone coatings for automotive side curtain airbags became the pillar of this business. Along with popularization of the airbags, the demand also expanded steadily and SC Plant was constructed as a silicone coating plant for the side curtain airbags in 2007.