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Utsunomiya Plant


Utsunomiya Plant
990-13 Fukahodo, Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture
322-0302, Japan
TEL +81-289-85-7311 FAX +81-289-85-7312

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Construction of Utsunomiya Plant was triggered by the Great Hanshin/Awaji
Earthquake (Kobe earthquake) in 1995. The impact of this earthquake on the
distribution of goods was significant on our main plant ; Matsuura Plant in
Nagasaki Prefecture experienced a serious situation regarding the
procurement of raw materials and the product supply to our customers.
Additionally, another big reason for the construction of the new plant was
that there was a plan to relocate Yokohama Plant, which became undersized
for us at the time. By moving the tube related facilities from Matsuura
Plant and the injection molding relate facilities from Yokohama Plant,
Utsunomiya Plant was completed in the city of Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture,
in 1998. The plant has an industry leading clean environment and delivers
our products to many industrial fields such as the semiconductor and
automobile industries.