Fluoroplastic restoration and transformation – From adhesive tape to domes

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Corporate Philosophy / Chukoh's Core Competence

Corporate Philosophy

Creating the future

Our mission, through the production of high performance plastic, is to create the future by utilizing the propriety technology that we have developed and nurtured. By making the most of our highest global standard Organization Specific human and material resources, we, by putting them to optimal use, are to dedicate not only to ourselves but also to our nation and humankind. In order to do so, we must always ask ourselves what benefits our customers and create added value for their satisfaction.

Chukoh's Core Competence

Chukoh's Core Competence

Our company and employee attitude

  • Determination for our achieved 50 years and next 100 years.
  • Solid financial standing.
  • Ability for making quick and accurate judgments in important business situations.
  • Personality, working stance, and employee training.
  • Ethical executive decisions. A social responsibility.

A myriad of solutions

  • Various processing facilities.
  • World's distinguished technology
  • Clean manufacturing environment.
  • Ideal choice of raw materials.

A quality control system

  • Establish a steady quality standard (The Chukoh Standard).
  • Introduction of manufacturing history traceability.

Crisis Management System

  • The risk diversification proposal for production bases.
  • BCP(business continuity plan) Development for production,
    sales, and information management.