Fluoroplastic restoration and transformation – From adhesive tape to domes

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Group Companies and Overseas Network

Group Companies

  • ▶  Chukoh Belt Corporation 
  • ▶  Chukoh Chemical Fluorine Plastic Product Changshu Co., LTD.
  • ▶  Chukoh Membrane Corporation
  • ▶  Shengyi Chukoh Technology Corporation Limited
  • ▶  Chukoh Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • ▶  Fujimuro Kogyo
  • ▶  Chukoh Chemical (shanghai) Trading, Ltd.
  • ▶  Kyoritsuka Kogyo

Overseas Network

If you have any requirements for the overseas sites of our company, please contact us through the "To Inquiry Form"on the right side. We'll give a reply to you from the contact person or local company.