SN Series (Airbags in cars)

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SN Series (Airbags in cars)

SN Series (Airbags in cars)

Nylon cloth is coated with silicon, and the fabric is then used as the raw material for airbags in cars.
Uniform thickness and pinhole free coating techniques are combined for increased safety.


●Side curtain air bags of cars
●Airbag related parts


●Excellent strength, fire resistance, high sealing ability, and smooth sliding.
●Meets the highest quality standards and is used as raw materials for domestic and foreign automotive airbags.
●Taking into account various environmental factors, we use a solvent free coating.
●The SN series is the premier product line in our SC operations (speciality coating operations).
ISO/TS16949 is a sector standard for the automotive industry, and it requires creating a higher level of QMS than ISO-9001.
By incorporating FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) techniques within TS16949, we are improving our overall quality and performance, thereby providing products to the customers that will fulfil all of their requirements.

General traits table

  SN-1003 SN-1008 SN-1012
Thickness of the product (mm) 0.31 0.39 0.32
Weight of the product (g/m2) 223 246 216
Tensile strength (N/cm) Vertical 655 806 683
Horizontal 660 754 679
Stretch (%) Vertical 30 34 30
Horizontal 33 38 31
Tear strength (N) Vertical 401 492 240
Horizontal 390 475 257

*The characteristic values given in the table are the measured values, and not the standards.


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