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Angel maker ™

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Angel maker ™ is a tape for curling irons made of fluoroplastic.
Paste it onto the heating part of your curling or hair iron when you use it.

Main applications

• Apply to make curling and hair irons glide more smoothly.

Maximum operating temperature



• Angel Maker ™ gives curling and hair irons smoother glidings on your hair.
• It reduces heat damage to your hair.

Tips: How to paste Angel Maker ™

(1) Check the entire size, peel off the middle relased paper, and paste it onto the heating part of your curling or hair iron.
(2) Peel off the remaining relased paper and paste one by one.
(3) Do not cut the excess tape. Wrap it to the backside.
*If you cut, your hair may get tangled.

Point1 Can be pasted neatly by pressing with the deep part of a spoon so as to remove air bubbles.
Point2 If an air bubble leaks in, it can be removed by puncturing the air portion using a needle.

*When disposing, dispose off as non-combustible waste following the methods specified by each municipality.

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