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Petalon sheet ®

Petalon sheet ®

The luster of the fabric can be prevented by pasting it on the heater part of the iron and thereby improving the gliding.
6 pieces in 1 set.


●Apply to improve the gliding and to prevent the luster when you iron shoes and clothes.
●You can paste Petalon sheet onto the table or onto the head of sewing machines and make non-slip materials slide easily.

Maximum operating temperature



●Improves efficiency of ironing with smooth gliding.
●Prevents luster on fabrics.
●Prevents starch and fabrics from sticking and burning onto the iron.
●In case of steam iron, ironing can be done without using a patch cloth.
●It assures that the iron bottom does not get rusted.


Pack of 6 with 230mm×150mm

Tips: How to paste Petalon sheet
(1) Cut the sheet in the size of the part to which the sheet is to be pasted.
(2) Peel off the film and paste the sheet onto the surface where it is needed.
Point1 It can be cut easily by scissors and cutter knives.
Point2 Can be pasted neatly by pressing with the deep part of a spoon so as to remove air bubbles.

*When disposing, dispose off as non-combustible waste following the methods specified by each municipality.


Petalon sheet ®

  • Petalon sheet ®

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