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FGT series are the glass fiber B yarn clothes impregnated with fluoroplastic PTFE and then sintered. B yarn has specific strength more excellent than steel. It has heat resistance of 700 to 800°C, and does not get affected by low temperature or ultra-violet rays. Also, in addition to heat resistance and weather resistance, fluoroplastic has unique characteristics such as anti-adhesion property and water-repellent property.


● Roofing materials
● Ceiling materials
● Interior materials

Operating temperature limit

-60°C to +260°C


Skytop Structure


The fluoroplastic membrane FGT series is a combination of PTFE with self-extinguishing property and glass cloth fiber with heat resistance. Because of the above reason, FGT series has been authorized as non-flammable material.
Generally, as the diameter of the fiber decreases, the tensile strength per unit area increases. Fluoroplastics membrane uses B yarn which is the thinnest glass fiber in the world. It is a membrane material with enough strength and high safety.
The natural light in the building through the fluoroplastics membrane is the natural diffused light and it creates a soft ambiance with few shadows.
●Thermal characteristics
Since the fluoroplastic membrane reflects the most of solar energy, it can control the heat condition into the building. It is expected to improve heat insulating effect by making double membrane structures using fluoroplastic membranes of the interior material.
●Weather resistance
The functionality and the safety of the roof materials are maintained over the years unaffected by ultra-violet rays and air pollution.
●Self-cleaning property
The dust and air contaminant deposited on the surface of the fluoroplastic membrane are washed away by the rain. Hence, no need for special cleaning and the beautiful appearance can be maintained for a long period of time.
●Sound absorbency
Since the fluoroplastic membrane of the interior material has the moderate pliability and permeability, you can increase the sound effects in the building if the interior material of the double membrane structure is used.



General traits table

Product number FGT-1000 FGT-800 FGT-600 FGT-250 FGT-250D
Thickness (mm) 1.0 0.8 0.6 0.37 0.29
Weight (g/m2) 1700 1300 1000 470 360
Tensile strength (N/3cm) Vertical 6200 4700 4200 2900 2400
Horizontal 5400 4000 3500 2000 1700
Break elongation (%) Vertical 6.0 5.0 5.0 4.0 2.5
Horizontal 12.0 10.0 10.0 5.0 3.5
Peel strength (N) Vertical 500 350 300 250 230
Horizontal 600 400 300 200 170
Penetrating light ratio (%) 10 12 15 22 30
Reflection factor (%) 80 80 80 74 60
Ventilation measure (cm3/cm2・s) - - - 8 10
Sound absorption (NRC) - - - 0.45 0.45

Obtained Certifications

Certification details Product name Certification No. Remarks
Building material FGT-1000
MMEM-9029 Certified as the specified building material provided in Item 2, Article 37 of the Building Standard Law by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Non-combustible material FGT-1000
NM-8665 Certified as the non-combustible material provided in Item 9, Article 2 of the Building Standard Law by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
FGT-250B NM-0883
FGT-250 NM-3875
Flame-retardant product FGT-250
A-13-0388 This is a flame-retardant product certified by the Japan Fire Retardant Association.

Variety of membrane construction matter

Frame assembly membrane construction (fixed/ moveable)
The structure that the membrane materials are used as wall and roofing materials by forming the framework such as mountain shaped, arch shaped, and other solid-body with steel or other frames.
Suspension membrane construction (fixed/ moveable)
The membrane is used as the main material and the hung structure (suspension construction) is the basic formation.
Air pressurized membrane construction (fixed/ moveable)
Increasing the air pressure until the membrane stretches to a taut state by sending air into the membrane-covered space. The air-pressurized structure resists against external pressure and is free-standing.

Merits of membrane construction matter

Shortens construction time and lowers cost
Due to the light weight of Skytop (about 1/30th of the mass of a traditional steel roof), wall and foundation construction costs can be reduced. Furthermore, as the cutting and joining of the materials is done before hand, on-site construction is simplified and the time period shortened.
Economizing of energy cost
Skytop displays a high rate of sun reflection and low absorption. With just a low volume of heat, penetrating solar energy can be controlled. Also, due to the semi-transparent nature of the membrane, artificial daytime illumination becomes unnecessary making substantial energy cost efficient.
Stretching the imagination with freedom of design
With membrane construction matter, an insulated space can be achieved generally without using an internal support element. This unique trait allows free planning and makes the application of a variety of spatial designs possible.
Natural lighting makes for a comfortable space
The sunlight which permeates Skytop is naturally diffused and casts few shadows. Same as the outdoors, the original color tone of objects is obtained. It is possible to gain enough solar intensity that the insulated space be suitable for the cultivation of plants; and a space with the agreeable sensation of being outdoors can be produced.
Always pristine appearance
Due to the water repellency and anti-adhesive properties of fluoroplastic, accumulated dirt and atmospheric filth is washed away by the rain. This will continuously preserve a clean, white appearance.



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