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The Copper-clad laminated circuit board using flouroplastic impregnated glass fabric as the dielectric.
Obtaining characteristics of fluoroplastic, it also has stable permittivity in wide frequency band and a very small dielectric loss tangent in the high frequency band.


Satellite communication/Satellite broadcasting/All mobile communication systems/ETC or AHS in ITS/Regional wireless communications networks (WLL)/ Ecteina/Artificial satellite-mounted device

Operating temperature range

-60°C to +220°C


CGS-500A Structure


●Compare to CGP, it is the circuit board with lower dielectric constant.
●It has 2.15 dielectric constant.

General dimensions table

General thickness (mm) Acceptable variation of thickness Dielectric constant Dissipation factor
1020×1200 510×1220 300×300
0.4 ±0.05 ±0.04 2.15 <0.0015
0.5 ±0.05 ±0.04
0.6 ±0.06 ±0.05
0.8 ±0.08 ±0.05
1.0 ±0.10 ±0.08
1.2 ±0.12 ±0.10
1.6 ±0.20 ±0.16

*CGS-500A has passed the UL certification.
*The tolerance of the dielectric constant is assumed to be ±0.05 for any one variety.

*As a standard we have used ½ oz. electrolytic copper foil on both sides. For other thicknesses of electrolytic copper foil, copper foil on one side, rolled copper foil, or in the case where other special measurements are necessary, please seek a special consultation from us directly.

Official thickness Purity
1/3oz 0.012mm ±0.003 99.8% or more
1/2oz 0.018mm ±0.005
1oz 0.035mm +0.010
2oz 0.070mm +0.018

General traits table

Test items Test conditions Measured value (0.8 mm thick)
Relative density A 2.2
Volume resistivity rate (Ω・cm) A 1015
C-96/40/90 1014
Surface resistance rate(Ω) A 1014
C-96/40/90 1013
Insulation resistance (Ω) A 1013
D-2/100 1013
line expansion coefficient (ppm/°C) ‐60°C to 150°C 40
Peel strength(kN/m) A 1
200°C atmosphere 0.5
Bending strength (N/mm2) A 50
Water absorption rate --- 0.01
Chemical resistivity --- Excellent
Combustability --- Incombustable

*Peel strength is standard value for 1 oz. (0.035mm) copper foil.


Copper-clad laminates

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