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Adhesive tape with a carbon impregnated fluoroplastic film as the basic material and applied a silicone adhesive on one side. It is the antistatic product of ASF-110 FR and suitable for use in the process that prohibits the influence of static electricity.


●Easy releace from the molds of Heat-seald machine, Fusing machine, and vacuum packaging machine.
●Masking in the environment where static electricity is prohibited
●Foster Slipping in transportation

Operating temperature limit

-60°C to +200°C


ASB-110 Structure


●Excellent antistatic property.
●Due to excellent elongation and following properties, it is possible to do the masking on complicated shapes.
●The surface of the tape has excellent anti-adhesion qualities as well as heat resisting property, sliding property, chemical resistivity, and water-repellent property.
●Excellent dimensional stability and weather resistance.

General dimensions table

Total thickness:mm(in)Width:mm(in)Length (m)
Normal stock
0.13 (0.0051) 13 (0.5), 25 (1),38 (0.5),50 (2) 10

*Maximum width is 450 mm.
*For the sizes other than the ones mentioned above, discuss separately.

General traits table

Product numberTotal thickness
Tensile strength N/25mm(lbs/in)Elongation (%)Adhesion
180°peel test
N/25mm (oz/in)
Breakdown voltage/
substrate only
Maximum operating temperature °C(°F)
ASB-110 0.13
70 341 8.5 2.6×105 200(390)

*The characteristic values given in the table are the measured values, and not the standards.