Chukoh Kasei's fluoroplastic tube are molded tube manufactured by molding fluoroplastic.

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We meet the customers needs with longtime experience and technological know how on wide range from the straight tube including PTFE/PFA, up to the various types of tube machining.


PTFE tube

▶   PTFE tube

The tube from translucent to opaque. We also manufacture UL (standards) compatible products.

PFA tube

▶   PFA tube

The tube with high transparency.

FEP tube

▶   FEP tube

The tube with high transparency.
*Manufactured to order.

ETFE tube

▶   ETFE tube

The tube with high transparency.
*Manufactured to order.

Large diameter PTFE straight tube

▶   Large diameter PTFE straight tube

We can provide up to 60mm maximum diameter and maximum 4m length.

Snakle hose®

▶   Snakle hose®

The hose with excellent flexibility.

Braid hose

▶   Braid hose

The pressure resistant flexible hose with PTFE hose covered with stainless wire.

Heat shrinkable tube

▶   Heat shrinkable tube

Manufacturable using PTFE, PFA and FEP materials.

Other special products

▶   Other special products

The secondary processings are performed according to the requests based on the various types of tubes.

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