Braid hose

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Braid hose

Braid hose

The PTFE hose as a base material, braid coated with the stainless wire to enhance against the inner pressures and to protect from the external mechanical damages. The product with metal fittings on edge can be manufactured on request. *Made to order.
Please contact us directly in regard to size and lot.
* It is only available in Japan


●Pipes for vapor and oil transfer
●Liquid transfer under high temperature and high pressure
●Brakes for the hydraulic controled devices
●Filling pipes of highly viscous liquid / Other

Operating temperature limit

-80°C to +260°C


- Excellent in heat resistance, non-adhesiveness, weather resistance, low friction, and endurance.
- Specially, excellent in chemical resistance and does not contaminate the fluid. Hence it is most suitable for the carrier hose of acid or alkali, pure water, and raw materials for food.

Caution for static electricity
●Due to the features of fluoroplastic, it also has the nature of getting charged with static electricity.
Please take adequate precaution when using it in an environment where not supporting static electricity.

■ For ordering
* The following items are required when ordering.
Please contact us directly for details.

Item Contents
Diameter Nominal diameter of the pipe
Pressure Required when selecting a hose or determining the structure.
Liquid Required when selecting a hose or determining the structure.
Temperature This is to be used in the temperature range of ‐80°C to +260°C.
Piping conditions (status) Such as the minimum bending radius, reverse bend, displacement of piping.
Distance between mounting surfaces (dimension) Required when setting the length.
Types of joint sleeves Such as screw sleeves, flange sleeves, special sleeves.
Material of tubes and sleeves Depending on the conditions, we may recommend special sleeves.
Vibrations Such as extent, frequency of vibrations.

*For any queries related to the relation of the diameter with thickness, contact us separately.