Message from the President - Chukoh Beslt, the company designing and manufacturing PTFE Belts.

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Welcome to the Future

All the while we contribute to the society, Chukoh Belt Corporation provides the best and optimum solutions respecting customers' point of view.

In October 2009 we established an independent sales company for belts, based on the techniques of fluoroplastic conveyor belts of Chukoh Chemical Industries, Ltd.,with the aim to further improve the services towards our customers. 
 Our sales representatives, with technical knowledge acquired over the years, attend to our customer's feedback in person and offer solution from the customer's perspective. Moreover, our manufacturing and service staff, that has detailed knowledge of the peculiarities of fluoroplastic, create high-quality products.
 Our objective is to always provide best and optimum solutions from customer's perspective.

We promise the following things.
(1) Always keep the customer's perspective
(2) Have a Hands-on approach
(3) Always move ahead with good faith
(4) Have a proactive and cheerful approach
Although we take pride in providing industry-leading level of products, techniques and quality control related to the fluoroplastic belts , we do not intend to stop at this. We shall always take into consideration our customer feedback and continue to meet the changing times. Moreover, we take it as a challenge to expand our business domain as well.

 We would greatly appreciate your continued support in the future, as we aim to be a company that continues to be trusted by our customers and society.