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Q What is fluorine resin ?
It is a plastic with excellent properties such as Heat resistance, Chemical resistance, Low stickiness and Low friction/Non-conductance. It is often called “Teflon®”. The belts or tapes which are produced by using fluorine resin as raw material are often called “Teflon belt” or “Teflon tape.”
Q Information about the Heat resistance of fluorine resin !
Fluorine resin itself is a resin with a high capacity to resist heat/flame. Heat/flame resistance capacity also depends on the usage environment. However the maximum continuous applicable temperature of PTFE, which is a type of fluorine resin is 260°C. Moreover, it stands even with low temperatures and can be used continuously in an environment with temperatures below -180°C.
Q Tell me about the chemical resistance of fluoroplastics!

Fluoroplastics are a type of plastic with exceptional chemical resistance, and are not affected by acids, alkaline, organic solvents, oils and fats, and other substances. Generally speaking, since products referred to as Teflon™ tubes and Teflon™ linings exhibit these properties, they are used for the supply of liquids in fields such as semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, chemical plants and laboratory instruments, which use a wide variety of chemicals.

Q Information about the slipperiness of fluoroplastic!
As shown in the following table, fluoroplastic has low coefficient of friction which is outstanding among all the solid substances. The difference between coefficient of dynamic friction and coefficient of static friction is small. So the sliding becomes very smooth if fluoroplastic is used as a sliding material. Hence, it can be used for oilless bearing, standard bearing, etc.
Test itemsCoefficient of friction
Measuring instrumentUniversal tester
Measurement methodCoefficient of static frictionCoefficient of dynamic friction
Specimen (Material)Result
PTFE sheet0.110.09
G Fabric0.150.14
A Fabric0.150.13
PVC sheet0.310.33
Nylon sheet0.170.15
Polyacetal sheet0.200.16
Silicone rubber7.967.89
SS steel sheet0.240.20
Q Information about the anti-adhesion qualities of fluoroplastic!
Fluoroplastic has very high anti-adhesion qualities.
Even if an adhesive such as sticky rice cake or Sol are attached to fluoroplastic, it can be easily removed from the surface.
Therefore, it can be used for cook sheet and meal and dough conveyor belt.
Q What is the difference between “Fluorine” present in the tooth powder and the “Fluoroplastic” made by Chukoh Chemical Industries Ltd.?
Both are the “Fluorine compound” that contains elemental fluorine. However, here the type of the chemical compound used for fluorine compound being used in tooth powder is different than the type of the chemical compound used for the fluoroplastic made by us.
The fluorine element in the tooth powder is used for medical and health application, and our product ‘fluoroplastic’ is widely used for industrial applications.
Q In what kind of industries, fluoroplastic is being used?
It is used in all the manufacturing industries as follows:

Industries using fluoroplastic
  • Semiconductor manufacturing: Tubes, PTFE tanks, Skived tapes
  • Food manufacturing: Belts, Fluoroplastic coating, Cook sheets, Fabrics
  • Packaging-related: Adhesive tapes, Heat seal belts
  • Automobile manufacturing: Tubes, Braid hose
  • Chemical plant: Lining
  • Building industry: Fluoroplastic membrane
  • Liquid crystal manufacturing: Adhesive tapes, Fabrics, Skived tapes
  • and others


Q How can I get MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)?
Click here to download MSDS pages. Please contact inquiries or the nearest branch for other products.
Q How do I get a product catalog?

We provide a catalog download page. For other materials, please contact us separately.

Q Please provide the certificate of non-use of RoHS directive substances.

The RoHS Directive is the law restricting the use of specific harmful substances in electrical and electronic products enacted by the European Union (EU).
In Japan, this is referred to as the “Directive Restricting the Use of Harmful Substances” (or more commonly the “RoHS Directive”). In accordance with our quality and environmental policies, we issue certificates of non-use of RoHS directive substances for products that fall under the ten restricted substances under the RoHS Directive. (*Does not apply to packing and packaging materials).


Q What is Teflon™?
Teflon™ is the registered trademark of fluoroplastics manufactured by The Chemours Company.
As the name Teflon™ is extremely well-known, many people tend to think that all fluoroplastics are Teflon™, but as the below table illustrates, fluoroplastics include various products other than Teflon™. In 2017, Chukoh Chemical Industries entered into a Teflon™ trademark licensing agreement with The Chemours Company regarding the fluoroplastic adhesive tapes, and has since used the Teflon™ and テフロン™ trademarks under the license.
ProductsManufacturing company name
Polyflon™Daikin Industries, ltd.
Neoflon™Daikin Industries, ltd.
Teflon®Du Pont-Mitsui Fluorochemicals Co., Ltd., Dupont
Fluon®Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd
Cytop®Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd
Algoflon®Solvay Solexis S.p.A
Polymist®Solvay Solexis, Inc.
Hylar®Solvay Solexis, Inc.
Halar®Solvay Solexis, Inc.
Solef®Solvay Solexis, S.A.S
Dyneon™Solvay Solexis, Inc.
Solef®Dyneon (3M
KF Polymer®Kureha Corporation
Q What is CHUKOH FLO® ?
CHUKOH FLO® is a registered trademark of the fluorine resin manufactured by our company.
Q Do you have any other kinds of tape except fluoroplastic tape?

We are manufacturing many types of adhesive tapes made by fluoroplastic, but we also provide adhesive tapes by using polyimide and ultra-high polymer polyethylene as a base material.
For more information, please visit this page.

Q What is the method of disposing the old products?
■Visitor using the standard home
Dispose it as incombustible product according to the rules of each municipality.

■Visitor of a company or an organization
It is an industrial waste; therefore, dispose it according to the “Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law”.
Q Where can I buy CCI products?

We have local subsidiary companies in China(Shanghai) and Thailand(Bangkok), and also have distributors in other countries. Please feel free to contact us when you are interested in our products.

Q The color is slightly different than the product you purchased earlier…
The brown color of fabric/adhesive tape is derived from the starch applied to the glass cloth of the base material.
The color difference occurs due to the changes in the starch deposit, but it does not cause any problems in usage and features.
Q Consolidation of Adhesive tape product No.(For “FR”notation)

Please kindly be noticed that we have consolidated with regard to the product Nos. of UL proprietary adhesive tape products as of July 1,2009.
For details, please see the right table.
However, the products themselves remain unchanged, so you can use them same as before without any problem.

Product No.
AGF-100AGF-100 FR
ASF-110ASF-110 FR
API-114API-114A FR

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