Business Continuity Plan

Chuko Chemical supports our customers’ business by providing high functioning plastics such as fluororesin and many others.

We know that many parts of our business operation and products are necessary for their business’s, and an unstable supply will have tremendous impact on them. Therefore we address BCP based on a “reliable supply of products”, “preservation of the information system”, and “ensuring the safety of our employees” for carrying out this mission.

Supplying the products

Dispersing the manufacturing bases
We do own 5 factories in Matsuura-city, Nagasaki, and one in Kanuma-city, Tochigi. All of the locations are considered as low probability area’s for earthquakes according to the Earthquake Prediction Map established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We are planning to secure a production line in China as a back-up system in case of any damage at the domestic factories, not only earthquakes but also any other unforeseen circumstances.
Diversification of material procurement
We continue to diversify the raw materials in some of our products. Developing products which have the same performance values and properties but using different raw materials from various suppliers would be a solution for a stable supply under unexpected circumstances.
Preserving stocks of raw materials and products
We increase our stock of the raw materials which are expected to be difficult to procure at the time of a disaster. We also increase our stocks for some of the finished products and half-finished products, assuming for circumstances where we can’t manufacture those products for any reason.
Earthquake countermeasures in our manufacturing facilities.
The earthquake effects on production facilities may cause the degradation of performance and precision. While we have our factories in the low seismic risk areas, they still have anti-earthquake reinforcement on their buildings and fixed devices not to move.

Preserving the information system

In case of an interruption to the power supply, we have moved our computer server to an external data center which has a non-unity generation facility. And we have dual servers to avoid troubles in either of them.
Data system network
We own 2 data lines. We will be able to continue using in-company systems by using the 2nd data line even if there was trouble on our main line.
Voice system network
We use a dual network system using IP phone and NTT lines. With any trouble on one of the lines, we can still preserve communication by using the other line. In case of an interruption on the fixed-line telephones in a disaster, we provide smart phones to all of our sales representatives and managers.

Preserving the safety of our employees

Office transfer

Fukuoka Head Office

Head Office

Nagoya Branch

Osaka Branch

Our offices have moved to their current buildings, which are earthquake-resistant, starting with the Fukuoka office in Jan., 2007. The Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka office’s in May, 2012. Moving to earthquake-resistant buildings would preserve our employees’ security and continuity of our business during a disaster.

Safety confirmation system

In the Tokyo office, we have introduced a safety confirmation system with mobile phones during a disaster. With this system, our employees and their families will be able to confirm each others safety. We believe that it will be a great help in reducing their mental stress. We will be introducing this system at all of our branches in the near future.

Emergency stocks

Preparing for unexpected disaster, each branch, including the Tokyo office, has enough food, water, medicines, helmets and battery’s as emergency stock for our employees to survive for 3 days. We also distribute a pocket-size BCP sheet to all of our employees in the Tokyo office and notify the important information such as behavior, evacuation areas and contacting methods when an earthquake has occurred.

Safety measures for equipment and facilities

We provide the following damage prevention for unexpected earthquakes. Fixing the cabinets and copy machines, as well as preventing broken glass from windows and doors from scattering.

Our Tokyo office has provided a BCP with the support of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government BCP Preparation Project.
The potential risk: a massive earthquake striking the Tokto area(magnitude 7.3, upper 6 intensity)

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