Fluoroplastic restoration and transformation – From adhesive tape to domes

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CHUKOH FLO™ Product list

High-performance fabric

Fluoroplastic fabric

▶   Fluoroplastic fabric

Composite of industrial cloth and Fluoroplastic of cloths such as glass and Aramide.

Silicone fabric

▶   Silicone fabric

Functional composite made by coating the silicon plastic on fluoroplastic cloths such as nylon, polyester.

Non-adhesive belt


▶   Belts

The product manufactured by shaping a fabric into a belt. Rubber and fluoroplastic based composite are also available.

High-performance adhesive tape

Adhesive tape(made withn Teflon™PTFE)

▶   Adhesive tape(made withn Teflon™PTFE)

Adhesive tapes manufactured by using the fluoroplastic or other functional engineering plastics.

High frequency circuit board

Copper-clad laminates

▶   Copper-clad laminates

It is the fluoroplastic-made print wiring substrate. A high level substrate material particularly for using in high frequency ranges.



▶   Tube/Hose

The product manufactured by molding fluoroplastic into a tube and a hose shape. Welded or bent products can al...

Profile extrusion prpducts/Multi-lumen tube

Profile extrusion products/Multi-lumen tube

▶   Profile extrusion products/Multi-lumen tube

With the help of our own technical know-how, we manufacture the extrusion products and multi-lumen tubes with ...

PTFE processing materials

PTFE processing materials

▶   PTFE processing materials

The product manufactured by molding the fluoroplastic in to planks, rods and pipes. Porous goods can also be molded.

Porous products

Porous products(C-Porous™)

▶   Porous products(C-Porous™)

It is a product made porous of fluorine resin (PTFE). As it is with the characteristics of fluorine resin, it becomes a film-like / tubular ...

High performance film

High-performance film

▶   High-performance film

It is a highly functional resin film based on fluorine resin (PTFE) or polyimide.

Injection molding products

Injection molding products

▶   Injection molding products

The product made by injection molding the fluoroplastic with high performance as compared to the commonly used...

Plastic conveyor rollers

▶   Plastic conveyor rollers

The product manufactured by injection molding the resin used as per the requirement, from general purpose to t

Processed goods/Others

PTFE integral tank

▶   PTFE integral tank

It is a PTFE made tank by using the excellent heat resistant, chemical resistant and, the pure fluoroplastic. ...

Cleansing jig

▶   Cleansing jig

The fluoroplastic jigs and parts. Used in the manufacturing processes such as washing wherein chemicals or u...

Machined products

▶   Machined products

Product manufactured by cutting the raw material used for manufacturing the fluoroplastic according to each specification.

Roto lining

▶   Roto lining

The flouroplastic is lined with the help of rotolining (rotational molding).


▶   Coating

The metal bases such as aluminum, steel are coated with the fluoroplastic enamel.

Building materials/Membrane materials


▶   Skytop

Membrane Materials for the unique domestic membrane structures. It is not inflammable and is weatherproof. Add...

Sealing tape (PTFE unsintered tape)

▶   Sealing tape (PTFE unsintered tape)

This tape is made of 100% flouroplastic which is soft and does not deteriorate. Creating pipes with strong se...

Swing pad ®

▶   Swing pad ®

It is the sliding material having the special characteristics of the fluoroplastic with the added advantage of...

Life-related products

Cook sheet

▶   Cook sheet

It is the reusable cooking sheet. It is vital in the heat cooking appliances such as microwave, oven.

Petalon sheet ®

▶   Petalon sheet ®

It is a sheet to stick under the commercial irons. This sheet enables protecting the shine of the clothes.

Angel maker ®

▶   Angel maker ®

It is a sheet to stick to the hair straighteners and hair irons. The wet hair are protected from the heat of the hair iron while setting.

Ecology Products

Ecology Products

▶   Ecology Products

It is the product manufactured by using environment friendly biodegradable plastic or biomass plastic as the raw material.

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