Message from the President

Our aim is to solve customers’ problems, and engage ourselves in the process

Representative Director,Chairman Naoyuki Shono

Our ability to solve issues and to hold responsibility

While we have developed as a comprehensive manufacturer of high performance plastics, manufacturing is not where the true essence of our work lies. The processing and manufacturing of our products will always be a means to an end, as the aim of our business is to resolve the issues our customers are facing. Solving those issues begins with a spirit of kindness, and ends with a commitment to hold responsibility. This is what CCC, Chukoh’s Core Competence, stands for.

Nothing is job unless fun

Of course, this doesn’t mean that our job lacks sincerity. We engage ourselves solving the issues our customers are facing. We turn our customers’ satisfaction into our own, and we give our utmost efforts each day in pursuit of that sense of satisfaction.

Taking on the entire world

To demonstrate these strengths, we have steadily broadened the scope of our business fields. We have not only entered into various industrial markets through products such as tapes, belts, tubes, and technical textiles, and in terms of sales areas, we have expanded the market for architectural membrane materials not only from Asia to Europe, but also to the Middle East and Africa. We take pride in the fact that this expansion is the result of customers’ around the world recognizing our commitment to the quality of our products and to the solving their issues.

Representative Director,CEO
Naoyuki Shono


Graduated from Waseda University,Faculty of Political Science and Economics. After serving as general manager of the steel division at the Beijing Office of Sumitomo Corporation, he joined Chukoh Chemical Industries in 1999.
Was promoted to representative executive director and then executive vice president, and in 2007 took up his current post as representative director, president and operating officer.
Born in Fukuoka in 1957. Served as the president of the Japan Fluoropolymers Industry Association from 2008 to 2010, and as the president of the Yokohama International Tennis Community from 2016 to 2017.Also serving as a member of the management council of Nagasaki Prefectural University.

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