About SDS ( Safety Data Sheet )

Please see the following PDF files for SDSs for our principal products.
Please contact us for SDSs of other products.


FGF series
FGP series
FGA series
MS series
PDF Download
FAF series
FKF series
PDF Download


BAF series
BKF series
PDF Download
BGF series
BGP series
BGA series
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Adhesive tape ( Silicone adhesive )

AGF series
PDF Download
ASF series
PDF Download
API series
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PTFE tube
PDF Download
PFA tube
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Copper Clad Laminates

CGP-500 series
CGS-500 series
CGF-500 series
CGN-500 series
PDF Download
CGA-500 series
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Skived tape ( MSF, MSM , MSE )
PTFE sheet
Bubbling sheet
PTFE Integrated tank
PTFE rod
PTFE pipe
PDF Download
Seal tape
Seal pack
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C-Porous™ PTFE porous products

C-Porous™ PTFE porous film
C-Porous™ PTFE porous sheet
PDF Download
C-Porous™ PTFE porous tube
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* Please contact us for SDSs of other products.

About Information Sheet on the Content of Certain Chemical Substances

We have created these sheets as supplements to our SDSs, to give detailed information on specified chemicals contained in our products by taking into consideration foreign laws and environmental directives. If you wish to have other information related to chemicals contained in products, please send us separate inquiries.

Please note that the time required to respond depends on the nature of the request.
We highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

◆Applicable product

・Adhesive tape
・PTFE tube * Include the colorcomponent produts
・PFA tube
・Copper Clad Laminates
・Skived tape
・PTFE Sheet
・Bubbling sheet
・PTFE integrated tank
・PTFE rod
・PTFE pipe
・Seal tape
・Seal pack
・PTFE porous film
・PTFE porous sheet
・PTFE porous tube

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Contact Information

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