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CHUKOH FLO™ Fabrics are composite materials of fluororesin or silicone resin on industrial cloth such as glass cloth or aramid cloth.
We further fabricate these composite materials to offer our products in a wide variety of fields including chemical, machinery, electric, telecommunication and construction fields.


Sheet type composite material that is impregnated and calcining the fluororesin onto industrial fabrics such as glass fabrics and Aramid fabrics. Variety of products are available depend on the impregnation amount of fluoroplastic and the thickness of the fabrics.


Silicone fabric

Category comparison table
 Heat resistanceLow temperature resistanceTensile strengthTearing strengthSteam and vapor resistanceResistance to bendingSlipperiness
FGN-500 Series
FAF-410 Series
FGF-300 Series
FGF-400 Series
FGF-500 Series
FGF-410 Series
FGB-500 Series
Explanation of product code

Explanation of product code

Explanation of product code

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