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Injection molding products

It is an injection molding product of various functional engineering plastics including fluoroplastic.
We can offer suitable molding product shapes at the design phase based on our abundant know-how. We can respond to the customers who contact us with questions like "We do not understand which design is suitable for molding", "We do not have time for designing or manufacturing drawing".

Main materials

An example of materials we actually use
Fluororesin: PFA/PVDF/ETFE
High-performance resin: PEEK/PSU/PPS/4-6PA/PEI
General-purpose resin: PP/PE/PC/PVC

Main applications

Conveyor equipment for thin plate items / driving g Main ears for rotary shaft, etc.

Movie (Plastic conveyor rollers)

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us for various inquiries, questions, or to request materials.