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CHUKOH FLO™ Belts are conveyor belts manufactured by coating the fluoroplastic to various industrial cloths and shaping them into belts for light conveyance. We have a wide range of track oriented belts designed to improve conveyor stability. The belts can be chosen from a wide variety of colors and raw material combinations by using the coat guide or pin guide or as per requirements. These belts are used in various manufacturing processes including manufacturing foods, fibers, building materials, plastics, ceramics.
For notes on belt design, see the website of Chukoh Belt Corporation., Ltd.


Category comparison table
Characteristic / Product typeG TypeA Type
K Type
N TypeR Type
Heat resistance
Low temperature resistance
Dimensional stability
Steam and vapor resistance
Resistance to bending
Knife edge conformity
Food sanitation
R-type belt rubber base list
Abbreviated nameNameCharacteristics
NBRNitrile Rubber typeThis is a white rubber substrate with heat-resistant and oil-resistant properties.
BRP type belt conforms with food and additive standards (Notice No.20 by Ministry of health, labour and welfare), and hence, is safe for transporting food items.
ⅡRIsobutylene‐Isoprene rubber typeCustomers can select combinations of Isobutylene-Isoprene rubber which can be used below 150°C, with different fluoroplastic surface materials (such as PFA films, PTFE films, G type fabric).
CRChloroprene rubber typeChloroprene rubber has a good balance of three properties -heat-resistance, oil-resistance and ozone-resistance. This rubber is, thus, used mainly for transporting rubber and resin under high temperature conditions.
ACMAcrylic rubber typeBelts made with Acrylic rubber have maximum heat-resistance even among the R type belts (Maximum temperature of 180°C). These belts, which have fluoroplastic surface material, possess heat-resistant and anti-adhesive properties, and hence, are used in extreme conditions.
Belt joining methods

For belt joining methods see the Website of CHUKOH BELT CORPORATION, LTD.

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For belt options, see the Website of CHUKOH BELT CORPORATION, LTD.

Notes on belt design

Notes on conveyor belt design, see the website of Chukoh Belt Corporation., Ltd.

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