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Manufactured by impregnating and calcining fluoroplastic into the Para-Aramid mesh cloth and molding it into a belt shape.

→ For belt joining methods and belt options, see the home page of CHUKOH BELT CORPORATION, LTD.

Main applications

• Used in the process of manufacturing and transporting foods
• Used in the process of manufacturing and transporting rubber and resin products
• Cut sheets

Operating temperature limit

-100℃ to +260℃



• The mesh structure shows excellent aeration property especially for vapor.
• Has an outstanding water vapor resistance and has excellent resistance to fatigue from bending.
• The surface of the belt has excellent heat resistance, and anti-adhesion qualities.
• Meets the 20th notification of the Food hygiene law by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Typical dimensions and properties

 Product codeGeneral thickness (mm)Maximum width (mm)Maximum length (m)Weight (g/m2)Tensile strength (N/cm)Volume resistivity (Ω-cm)Surface resistivity (Ω)
Natural / MeshBAF-410-301.100210010041511001200

*Please consult us for details on belt specifications.
*Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.

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