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AGF-100FR (Teflon™ Glass Cloth Tape)

Products | Adhesive tape(made withn Teflon™ PTFE) | Fluororesin/Glass cloth based material | About AGF-100 FR (made with Teflon™ PTFE). Adhesive tape with a fluoroplastic impregnated glass fabric as the base material and applied a silicone adhesive on one side. There are also PE core products and released paper types.

About Fluoroplastic

About Teflon™ ( Fluoroplastic).Teflon™ is the Registered trademark name for fluoroplastics made by DuPont. Fluoroplastics are the generic term for a plastic raw materials that contains fluorine atoms. It is a plastic as well as having superb properties of heat resistance, smoothness (slipperiness), non-stick, chemical resistance, low friction and excellent electrical insulation (non-conductance).


Products | Adhesive tape(made withn Teflon™ PTFE) | Fluororesin/Glass cloth based material | About AGF-100A. Adhesive tape with a fluoroplastic impregnated glass fabric as the base material and applied a silicone adhesive on one side. It is the product that is improved heat resistance significantly than that of AGF-100.


Products|Adhesive tape(made withn Teflon™ PTFE) | Fluororesin/Glass cloth based material | About AGF-101. Adhesive tape with minute unevenness on the surface of AGF-100 FR. By adding those unevenness, sliding property, release property and wear resistance improved significantly.

PTFE special processing products / Others | Products

Utilizing the heat resistance, chemical resistance and non-stick properties of fluororesin, we form processing materials into a wide range of shapes. We also offer linings and coatings to impart the properties of fluororesin onto other materials.

Life-related products | Products

These products take Chukoh's industrial fluororesin products and make them easy to use in regular households and daily life. We also cater to OEM product manufacturing.

C-Porous™ PTFE porous products | Products

This is the product that is made by giving a porous structure to PTFE with our original technology. As shown by the meaning of porous that it has “many” “pores”, it has both air permeability and water repellency while maintaining characteristics of fluororesin. *C-Porous™ (C-Porous) is a collective designation of our fluororesin porous products.

Tube/Hose | Products

These products are made by molding CHUKOH FLO™ fluororesin tube PTFE/PFA into thin-walled tubes. From straight tubes to tubes processed in various ways, we cater to customer needs by leveraging our wide-ranging technical capabilities and a track record that extends back many years.

Fabrics | Products

CHUKOH FLO™ Fabrics are composite materials of fluororesin or silicone resin on industrial cloth such as glass cloth or aramid cloth. We further fabricate these composite materials to offer our products in a wide variety of fields including chemical, machinery, electric, telecommunication and construction fields.

Cartridge heater

Products | Processed products/Others | Cleansing jig | About Cartridge heater. The whole body of the cartridge heater, except the heating element, is made of fluoroplastic. It is manufactured to fit the needs of the size, shapes, and the heater capacity.

Bubbling sheet

Products | Processed products/Others | Cleansing jig | About Bubbling sheet. It is a bubble generating unit made of fluoroplastic PTFE. By passing air through the Porous PTFE sheet, bubbles can be formed.

Paper and packaging

Select by industry Paper and packaging UL standard RoHS Directive Belts The product manufactured by shaping a […]


Products | Processed products /Others | About Coating. Fluoroplastic has characteristics such as non-adhesive, chemicals resistant, slippery, and heat-resistant etc. The characteristics of Fluoroplastic can be imparted to the substrate surface, by glazed coating of Fluoroplastic on metals such as aluminum, steel and stainless steel. There are various types of the coating methods or plastic used however, our company provides the best method matching the application and shape. Please contact us for details.

Swing pad ™

Products | Processed products /Others | About Swing pad ™. It is the sliding material with PTFE as the basic material. It has an excellent self-lubrication and low-friction property and provide superior performance especially under low speed and high-load conditions. Also, it withstands severe temperature change, absorbs the effect of dead load and live load of earthquake by the smooth sliding, and prevents the dangerous stress from occurring.

G type laminate

Products | Processed products /Others | About G Type Laminate. These products are made from a glass cloth laminated with many layers of a fabric impregnated and fired with fluororesin, and then shaped into sheets or tubes. They feature exceptional mechanical strength and insulation properties.

Injection molding products

Products | Injection molding products | About Injection molding products. It is an injection molding product of various functional engineering plastics including fluoroplastic. We can respond to the customers' requests as "We do not understand which design is suitable for molding", "We do not have time for designing or manufacturing drawing".

Automotive and transportation equipment

Select by industry Automotive and transportation equipment UL standard RoHS Directive PTFE tube The tube from […]

Food and processing equipment

Select by industry Food and processing equipment UL standard RoHS Directive Cook sheet It is a cooking sheet m […]

PTFE extrusion pipe MRF-200

Products | PTFE processing materials | About PTFE extrusion pipe/ Sleeve. It is a PTFE extrusion pipe shaped product that is made by compressing and molding fluoroplastic PTFE.

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