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Copper-clad laminates

CHUKOH FLO™ Copper-clad laminates are the products that have placed electrolytic copper foil onto one side or both side of laminated fluoroplastic impregnated glass fabric or laminated fluoroplastic film.
With our original fluoroplastic impregnated technology, we provide a circuit board which has accuracy in thickness and dielectric constant and have excellent results for developing the communication technology over years.


•This product has excellent heat resistance.
•A stable dielectric constant is ensured in a wide frequency band range.
•An extremely low dielectric tangent is ensured in a high frequency
band range.

Explanation of product code

Dielectric code

CodeDielectric constant classification
CGP-500 BF-2.30 ~ 2.85
CGS-500 BP-2.10 ~ 2.25
CGN-500 NF-2.3
CGA-500 HF-2.9 ~ 3.2
CGH-500 XF-3.25 ~ 3.55
CGK-500 XP-4.5 – 5.5

Dielectric constant code

Displays dielectric permittivity up to two decimal places.

Thickness of copper foil code

01/2 oz (18µm)
11 oz (35µm)
22 oz (70µm)
61/3 oz (12µm)

Copper foil layering indication code

1Electrolytic copper foil on one side
2Electrolytic copper foil on both sides
3Rolling copper foil on one side
4Rolling copper foil on both sides
5Low-coarseness electrolytic copper foil on one side
6Low-coarseness electrolytic copper foil on both sides
Category comparison table
Product numberRelative dielectric constantDielectric tangent
Main applications

Satellite communications / satellite broadcasting / next generation mobile phone and other mobile communication systems / non-stop Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system and Automated Highway System (AHS) of the ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) / Wireless Local Loop (WLL) / CPU / measurement instruments / artificial satellite mounted devices, etc.

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