FAF-410 Series (Mesh type)

  • Fabrics
  • Aramid fabric base
  • RoHS Directive


Manufactured by coating the fluoroplastic onto the Para-Aramid mesh fabric.
Excellent water vapor resistance.

Main applications

• Conveyor belts used in food preparation where a steaming process is involved.

Operating temperature limit

-160℃ to +200℃


• Outstanding strength and steam resistance as compared to the meshed glass cloth.
• Excellent anti-adhesion qualities, sliding properties, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

Typical dimensions and properties

GradeProduct codeTotal thickness
Maximum width
Tensile strength
Tear strength
Breakdown voltage
Volume resistivity
Surface resistivity
Natural / MeshFAF-410-301.100210041511001200

[Test method] Tensile strength : JIS L 1096 (Cut-strip method)
*Please consult us separately for the dimensions other than above.
*Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.

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