Adoption results of Belt - Chukoh Beslt, the company designing and manufacturing PTFE Belts.

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Actual example of Belts

For heat sealing

■ Heat sealing with plastic frames such as polyethylene and cellophane
■ For sealing and transporting the interlocked tubes of Polyethylene foils, papers, laminations
■ Heat seal packing machines used for daily commodity such as candies, bread, cigarettes, and bakery products

For anti-adhesion

■ Transportation during processes such as vinyl coating, adhesives, and spray coating
■ Foam rubber production processes
■ Drying varnish coated papers
■ Casting plastic film or rubber sheets
■ Pressing conveyors for fusible interfacing

For heat treatment

■ Processes that use electric blast furnaces
■ Heat treatment of synthetic fibers and threads
■ Enamel printing by using resin, ink, and colorant
■ Vulcanization of synthetic rubber belts used for high tension
■ Moving packaged goods through shrink tunnels

For plastic processing

■ Moving and post-processing of the extruded goods such as PVC sheet
■ Lamination of thermosetting resin
■ Embossing of PVC films
■ PCB curing
■ Moving thermoformed plastic goods such as styrene foam

For high frequency

■ High frequency drying processes
■ High frequency processes for sweets and fruit

Other usages

■ Moving papers in photocopying machines
■ Production and defrosting of frozen food
■ Weighing and moving materials for a grinding wheel