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Privacy Policy

The Chukoh Belt Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") shall handle all the personal information (such as full name, address, telephone numbers, affiliated organization names, e-mail addresses, that is hereinafter referred to as "Personal information") that is received from the customers through the Company's website in accordance with the following privacy policy.

1. The Company shall take efforts to avoid undermining of customer interests while handling the customer personal information.
2. The Company shall not use customer personal information, for purposes other than those specified to the customer.
3. The Company shall not supply customer personal information to outside parties without the consent of the customer in question. However, the information can be disclosed to promote the public interests, or if it is judged as necessary according to other laws and regulations.
4. The Company shall take all appropriate measures to prevent damage, falsification, or leakage of customer personal information.
5. The Company shall take all appropriate measures to handle customer requests such as personal information disclosure, correction, or stoppage of use.
6. The Company shall observe all the laws related to handling on personal information, and take efforts to update this privacy policy in accordance with the execution and reform of the related laws.