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PTFE unsintered porous tape SEF-110

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C-Porous™ PTFE unsintered porous tape is a product with lower permittivity and smaller dielectric loss than normal seal tape products. This is suitable for insulation coating. We offer this product in two colors: white and black.

Main applications

・Electric wire coating
・Cable protection


● It has weather resistance, chemical resistivity, sliding property, flexibility and self-adhesiveness.
● Due to its small dielectric loss, this product is suitable for insulation coating of high-frequency telecommunication cables.

Typical dimensions

Product codeThickness(mm)Width(mm)Length(m)

* We also offer some sizes other than those described above. Please consult us separately.

Typical properties

Product codePorosity(%)Specific gravity

* Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.

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