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FPI series

FPI series

This product is polyimide film coated with fluorine resin.
In addition to the characteristics of fluorine resin, it has excellent dimensional stability and surface smoothness.


●Release sheet
●Insulating sheet

Operating temperature limit






●It is excellent in heat resistance, chemical resistance, slipperiness and insulation.
●It is superior in dimensional stability and surface smoothness compared with film of fluorine resin alone

General traits table

Product nomber Total thickness
Tensile strength
Coating surface
FPI-S06 15 500 740 70 One side
FPI-100 43 480 262 60 Both side

※The characteristic values given in the table are the measured values, and not the standards.
※The difference in tensile strength is due to the type of polyimide film.
※The difference in maximum operating temperature varies depending on the type of fluororesin used.
※Thickness can be handled in addition to the above size. Please feel free to inquire.


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