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This is a lining with excellent corrosion resistance. Various types of resin and
production methods are available according to applications, including linings for pipes and large-sized tanks.

Main applications

Piping or tanks used in chemical plants or chemical production plants


• Any wall thickness can be set (1mm to 4 mm) matching the chemical type and usage conditions.
• Since the lining process is also possible in piping with special shape, a little flange patch in the piping can be designed.
• Seamless thick film can be obtained in complex shapes of branch pipe and projection formation.
• Suitable for production of small lot.
• It is a sticky thick film lining that withstands negative and high pressure.
• Construction is possible of large tanks even if there is one manhole in it.
*Please consult us directly in case of slight corrosion due to thin film.

Downloading the chemical resistance table

Types of base material


Even if the primer is not used, process simplification and cost reduction can be planned by the excellent adhesion in the substrate.


It possesses excellent corrosion resistance even in the high temperature areas that have effect on ETFE, and also has numerous usage records under the heat cycle conditions.

MaterialMakeColorCorrosion-resistanceHeat resistanceRemarks
ETFESingle layerMilky whiteStandard type
PFAMultiple layersBeige colorHighly heat resistant type

Manufacturing performance example

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