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It is a bearing pad for civil engineering and construction with fabric, fluororesin sheet, etc. as the basic material. It has an excellent self-lubrication and low friction coefficient as a low-speed and high-load bearing pad.

Main applications

Industrial use: Plant related/Pipelines/Storage tanks/Boilers/Flood gates/Others
Construction use: Beam support/Curtain walls/Transit corridor expansion/Gate slides/Others
Public works: Highway bridge support/Railway bridge support/Others
Others: Vehicles (Central plate slider and lateral plate slider of the truck)/Bearings material for extruded construction/Vessel movable carriage/Others


• Low coefficient of friction: A very low coefficient of friction can be obtained under low speed and high-load conditions.
• Smooth sliding characteristics: There is no phenomenon such as self-welding and stick-slip, the deformation such as expansion or shrinkage at the time of heavy load is smoothly absorbed.
• Complete self-lubrication: It is a complete oil-free sliding material which does not require maintenance such as lubrication.
• Simple design: Good workability, and since the thin plate is placed on the sliding surface, it is available in simple and compact design.
• Excellent weather resistance: It is hardly affected by the weather or climate even if exposed outdoors. Also, there is no rusting or corrosion, and the friction coefficient remains stable in the wide range of temperature.

Sliding type

Sliding typeSchematic diagram representing the structureSliding part / Counter part of the Sliding partMaximum designed surface pressure (RT)
GL typeSliding sheet in which a glass cloth laminate is usedGL sheet 1t
Counter part : SUS board
GL sheet 1t
Counter part : GL sheet 1t
MF typeSliding sheet in which a special cement is combined with PTFEMF sheet 2.4t, 3t
Counter part : SUS board

* In the actual design stage, the maximum load must be specified to be less than this interface design pressure limit for safety factor considerations.
Please contact us for more information on safety factor I design.

Typical properties

ItemMethod of measurement ASTMUnitGL typeMF type
Specific gravityD-7922.242.29
Tensile strengthD-638Mpa14718.1
Compressive strengthD-6950.2% OffsetMpa45.112.7
HardnessD-2240Durometer DD60〜75D64〜67
Thermal conductivityCenco FitchW/m・k0.460.33
Thermal expansion coefficientD-69610-51.836.4
Water absorption rateD-570%<0.02<0.01
Weather resistanceExcellentExcellent
Acid resistanceExcellentExcellent
Alkali resistanceExcellentExcellent

* Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.

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