FGY-500-10 Blue

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  • Glass fabric base
  • RoHS Directive


Blue-colored fluoroplastic fabric. Due to its blue color, this product is easily noticeable compared to normal fluoroplastic fabrics.

Main applications

● Release sheets.
● Electric insulation materials.
● Heat insulation materials.
● Conveyor belt base materials.

Operating temperature limit

-180℃ to +260℃ 



● The blue color improves distinguishability from works.
● It can be easily recognized as a foreign object.
● Comply with Food Sanitation Act Amendment (enforced from June 1, 2020) in Japan as food apparatus, containers and packaging.

Typical dimensions

GradeProduct codeTotal thickness
Standard width
Maximum width
Colored (blue) / plainFGY-500-10 Blue0.24510001000

・The length of standard width is up to 10 m (by the meter).

Typical properties

GradeProduct codeMass
Tensile strength
Tear strength
Breakdown voltage
Volume resistivity
Surface resistivity
Colored (blue) / plainFGY-500-10 Blue48544034022205.210151014

*[Test method] Tensile strength : JIS L 1096 (Cut-strip method) Tear strength:JIS L 1096(Trapezoidal method)/Breakdown voltage : JIS C 2110-1 / Volume resistivity, Surface resistivity:JIS K 6911
*Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.

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