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How to use ASF-110FR ?

  • 2023/01/25

We will introduce how to use ASF-110FR.

Do you have the following troubles around you?

・Products do not flow smoothly on the conveyor line…
・Sugar or cheese clog the hopper….

ASF-110FR will solve these problems in no time!


ASF-110FR is an adhesive tape with fluoroplastic (PTFE) film as the base material.
This tape has many characteristics:

Heat resistance: withstand temperatures up to 200℃.
Non-stick property: easy to peel off without sticking to the surface.
Electrical insulation: difficult to conduct electricity.
Lowest friction: used for sliding applications due to its low friction properties
Chemical resistance: resistant to all chemicals.
Water repellency: repels water.
Weatherability: does not deteriorateeasily even when used outdoors, and can be used for a long period of time.


Especailly, the coefficient of friction is the same as ice!
Please check the movie below to see how great the sliding is:



1)  Attaching to the both sides of transport line for bottles and cans

→ It prevents bottles and cans from clogging, and transports smoothly.
Furthermore, it prevents bottles and cans from scratching.

2) Attaching the entire inside of the hopper or at intervals.

→ It prevents powder or solid from clogging.

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