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PEEK film adhesive tape with high transparency “xACH-5101”

  • Under development
  • 2023/09/25

PEEK film adhesive tape with transparency and excellent heat resistance for reflow

Chukoh Chemical Industries, Ltd. has developed “xACH-5101”, a transparent and highly heat-resistant PEEK film adhesive tape.
This product is intended for masking during the reflow process and for improving visibility during temporary fixing.
Polyimide adhesive tape is commonly used for masking and temporary fixing during the reflow process.
However, many polyimide adhesive tapes are brown translucent, which can cause problems such as making it difficult to see marks on masked parts.
This product is transparent and has excellent heat resistance, so it is recommended for applications where you want to improve visibility while masking in high-temperature environments below 250℃.


This adhesive tape consists of a highly transparent PEEK film coated on one side with a high heat resistance silicon adhesive with light adhesion. In addition to the high heat resistance of PEEK film, its high transparency enables reflow and visual inspection after masking.


・Heat resistance
・High transparency
・Electric insulation
・Dimensional stability
・Low water absorption


  • Masking during reflow
  • Electrical insulation covering


Thickness:0.035mm | Width:450mm | Length:1m~

Please see the overview PDF for details.

Click here to download the leflet.

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