C-Porous™ PTFE porous products

PTFE porous film

  • C-Porous™ PTFE porous products
  • RoHS Directive


This porous film constitutes of 100% PTFE. While it keeps air permeability due to the pores, it maintains waterproof and water repellent performance. Combined products with nonwoven or glass cloth and punching processed products are also available.

Main applications

• Wire coating
• Filter
• Heat retaining material


• It has waterproof and water repellent performance while maintaining air permeability.
• It is also excellent in heat insulating characteristics,flexibility,lowest friction,weather resistance and chemical resistance.
• Punching with various shapes is possible.
• We can also manufacture strong non-woven cloth type, glass cloth type and oil-repellent type. Please consult us separately.

Typical dimensions

Product codeThickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m)Porosity (%)Air Permeability (sec)Waterproofness (kPa)
SEF-010 (HB)0.210010761380

* Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.
* Air permeability is measured by a JIS P8117 compliant Gurley air permeability tester.
* Oil-repellent type and nonwoven cloth composite type are also available.
* We also offer some sizes other than those described above. Please consult us separately.

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