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PTFE porous sheet SEF-200

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PTFE porous sheet (ePTFE) is a 100% PTFE soft porous sheet without using adhesives. By using a so-called porous (with many pores) film as the base material, it has heat insulation property and flexibility in addition to heat resistance and chemical resistivity that are the properties of fluoroplastic.

Main applications

・Heat insulation materials
・Cushion materials, protection materials
・Gaskets, etc.

Operating temperature limit

-60℃ to +260℃


● Heat insulation property (retaining heat).
● Excellent chemical resistivity.
● Due to its flexibility, punching and cutter processing can be done.
● Due to its cushioning performance, it can be also used as a cushion material.
● Water repellency.



      【SEF-200】        【PTFE sheet (conventional product)】            It is flexible with cushioning performance.

Typical dimensions and properties




*Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.
*Hardness is the result measured by the durometer type E (AO).
*We also offer some sizes other than those described above. Please consult us separately.

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