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C-Porous™ PTFE porous film combined product (ePTFE) is made by combining a PTFE porous film with non-woven fabric, mesh, etc.
It has both air permeability and water-proof performance higher than the porous film SEF-010 series. Also, seal treatment, punching and welding processing can be done for this product.
It can be combined with black non-woven mesh for a design or identification purpose.

Main applications

・Air vents


● Excellent air permeability.
● Micropores provide both waterproof and water repellent performance while maintaining air permeability and moisture permeability.
● Oil-repellent type is also available.
● We can also offer products with seal treatment, in a punched format, a sheet format or other appropriate formats

Enlarged photo

Typical dimensions

Product codeTotal thickness(mm)Width(mm)Length(m)Backing material
SEF-501N0.0530010~PET non-woven cloth
SEF-501M0.08PET mesh

*We also offer some sizes other than those described above. Please consult us separately.

Typical properties

Product codeAir permeability(sec)Waterproofness(kPa)Characteristics
SEF-503N6350Oil repellent
SEF-503M4280Oil repellent

*Values shown above are not standard values but measured values.
*Air permeability is measured by a JIS P8117 compliant Gurley air permeability tester.

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