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PTFE thick porous tube TEF-110

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  • RoHS Directive


This product is a  PTFE thick porous tube. By giving a porous structure to PTFE by expansion, it has excellent flexibility and heat insulating characteristics. We can manufacture in a complex shape and split processing is also available.


Main applications

• chemical protection
• Heat insulation
• Piping protection


• It has excellent heat insulating characteristics.
• It is also excellent in chemical resistance and dimensional stability.
• It has excellent flexibility and can handle complex shapes.
• We can also manufacture multilumen products.

Heat insulating property

• The photograph showing the thermal insulation effect of the product by thermography.

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Typical dimensions

Inner diameter(Ø)×Outer diameter(Ø)
Inner diameter [mm]
Outer diameter
Wall thickness [mm]
Length [mm]
Porosity [%]
10.0 × 17.0-0.7/+1.0173.5(-0.5/+0.4)500(0/+100)80(±10)
13.7 × 20.7-0.7/+1.020.7
20.0 × 27.0-0.7/+1.027
26.4 × 33.4-0.7/+1.033.4

*Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.
*There is no outer diameter tolerance.

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