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It is a cooking sheet made of flouroplastic.
Heat-resistant and food does not get burnt on its surface.
It is also economical since the sheet can be wash and reusable.

Main applications

Apply to prevent sticking of dough in ovens, microwaves and steaming dishes.

Operating temperature limit

-60℃ to +260℃

Cooking examples

Cookies, cream puffs, macaroons, rice cakes, grilled fish, bread, steamed food


• Not deteriorate even stored in refrigerators.
• Food does not burn on the sheet, and food can be easily removed even if it stuck on the surface.
• Washable and reusable.
• Can be cut with scissors to match any shapes of saucers and vessels.
• Meets the 20th notification of the Food hygiene law by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Typical dimensions

• Household: 25cm×30cm/1piece
• Commercial: Please contact us directly with regards to size and lot.

Tips: To use the product longer

• Wash immediately after using. The flavor can be taken on the sheet.
• Use dish detergent or bleach if stains and smells are being concerned.
• Wipe off the water gently and dry naturally after washing.
• Do not put it into a dishwasher or dish dryer. This may cause damage.
• We recommend you to keep the product rolled. Folding the product may cause creases and the dough may get stuck on the sheet.

*Dispose as non-combustible waste by following each local manner when disposing the product.

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