Profile extrusion articles/Various multi-lumen shapes

  • Tube/Hose


PTFE can be molded into a variety of long products by using the original extrusion molding.
As the molds are produced internally, we have integrated production from planning to manufacturing.

Main applications

Automobile related, medical, and various industrial equipments


• Supports various shapes with the characteristics of PTFE plastic unchanged.
• The multi-lumen supports multiple holes of precise circle, as well as holes with irregular shapes.
• The profile extrusion products can be made in shapes as requested.
• The dimension has approximately 6% tolerance.

2 holes

5 holes

13 holes

Inner diameter grooves

Profile extrusion products / Rail shape

Can be extracted in various shapes in both inner and outer surfaces without restrictions of circular shape.

Profile extrusion products / C shaped

Unlike injection-molded items, it is possible to manufacture the long extrusion products and can control the expense of metal molds.

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