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Exhibition Information “AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya”

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  • 2023/09/22

We will exhibit at "AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya"

■Overview:AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Nagoya is Japan’s leading exhibition gathering broad range of the advanced automotive technologies such as car-electronics, EV/HV/FCV, autonomous driving, lightweight, components processing technologies, and technologies for software-defined vehicles.

■Dates: Oct. 25 (Wed) – 27 (Fri), 2023

■Venue: Port Messe Nagoya, Japan
*For access information, please refer to the official website

■Our Booth: Hall 1 6-41

■Visitor Registration: Pre-registration is required for this exhibition. Please register here.

At this exhibition, we will exhibit a variety of high-performance resin products, including PEEK film adhesive tape that has heat resistance, insulation, and low water absorption, and PTFE porous products that are ideal for adjusting the internal pressure of the housing and degassing.

Examples of Exhibits

●High heat resistant PEEK film adhesive tape “xACH-5102″

High functional adhesive tape with silicone adhesive coated on one side of highly heat-resistant PEEK film.
In addition to the high heat resistance of PEEK film, it has high insulation properties and low water absorption.
For more information about the product, please click here.

●PTFE porous film with ultra-high water resistance / PTFE porous film with High air permeability

This product is made by giving a porous structure to PTFE film.
Compared to the conventional product “SEF-010” and other standards, it has the characteristics of high water resistance and high air permeability.
It can be provided as a punched sheet ,with double-sided tape attached and oil-repellent type.
For more information about the product, please click here.

●Antistatic UHMW-PE adhesive tape AUB-112B

This product is coated with an acrylic adhesive on the base material of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with conductive carbon.
It has excellent antistatic properties while maintaining the lowest friction and wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.
For more information about the product, please click here.

●Fuoroplastic adhesive tape for visual identification of  ‘high-voltage wiring’. “AGF-100FR ORANGE

This tape consists of silicone adhesive applied to a base material made of orange-colored fluoroplastic impregnated glass cloth. In addition to various characteristics of fluoroplastic adhesive tape, the orange coloring makes it particular to identify ‘high-voltage wiring’.
For more information about the product, please click here.


●Silicone-free fluoroplastics adhesive tape ASF-121P

This tape consists of acrylic adhesive with heat resistance applied to a base material made of fluoroplastics (PTFE) film.
This product can be used in applications where silicone is not suitable.
For more information about the product, please click here.

●Radiation heat dissipation sheet

Aluminum film with high thermal conductivity is coated with heat dissipation paint with high emissivity and processed into a tape.
Heat is diffused by radiation heat dissipation that converts heat into electromagnetic wave (far infrared) energy.
For more information about the product, please click here.

In addition to the above, we will exhibit another products at this exhibition.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

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