Adhesive Tapes


  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Silicone resin base material
  • RoHS Directive


This adhesive tape is made of a base material with embossed silicone features on its surface to give it excellent clean release, grip, and cushioning performance. The silicone adhesive gives it excellent heat resistance and is less prone to leave any residual adhesive. The tape can also be applied to silicone rolls.

Main applications

• Roll masking during adhesive or glue treatments
• Add traction power to feeder rollers for films and unwoven fabrics, etc.
• Temporary holding during product transport

Maximum operating temperature




• Tape with high grip performance.
• Emboss processing of the surface prevents the tape from sticking together.
• This product has excellent heat resistance and cushioning.
• It meets Ministerial Notification No.370 of FSA.

Typical dimensions

Total thickness (mm)Width (mm)Maximum width (mm)Length (m)

*Please consult us separately for the dimensions other than above.
*For a product with width over 100mm, available length is 10m.

Typical properties

Product codeTotal thickness
Tensile strength
N/25 mm (lbs/in)
Adhesion/180° peel test
N/25 mm (oz/in)
Breakdown voltage
Maximum operating temperature

*Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.

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