Adhesive Tapes


  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Fluororesin/Film based material
  • RoHS Directive


It is a high-performance adhesive tape coated with silicone adhesive to PFA film. Excellent release properties and chemical resistance, it is also transparency high adhesive tape.
Also it has excellent elongation and follow-up.

Main applications

• Protection of where visibility is required (For example: the label).
• Insulation applications of electrical equipment.

Operating temperature limit




• This is a highly transparent fluoroplastic tape that has 94% of translucency.
• The surface of the tape has excellent non-stick property, slipping characteristics, chemical resistance, and flame-resistant.
• It has excellent extension and followingness.
• It has excellent weatherability.
• This tape meets Ministerial Notification No.370 of FSA.

Typical dimensions

Total thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m)
0.150,(Maximum width:300)10

*Please consult us separately for the dimensions other than above.

Typical properties

Product codeTotal thickness
Breakdown voltage
Maximum service temperature

*Values shown in this table represent measurements and do not constitute guaranteed values.

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