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The ultra-high polymer polyethylene adhesive tape has excellent sliding properties and applied an acrylic adhesive on one side.


●Lining of hoppers for items such as sugar and grains
●Conveyor guide linings
●Use for glide surface support on skis and snowboards
●Fax paper sending parts

Maximum operating temperature



AUE-112B Structure


●The cutting and trimming can be easily done.
●We perform cutting and slitting on request.
●Colors are available from transparent to translucent.
●The surface of the tape has excellent wear resistance and sliding property.
●It has sliding characteristics second only to fluoroplastic with the low coefficient of friction.

General dimensions table

General thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m)
Normal stock
0.18 25,50 40
0.30 20
0.55 ---

*Maximum width is 500 mm.
*For the sizes other than the ones mentioned above, discuss separately.

General traits table

Product number General thickness (mm) Adhesive strength 180° peeling (N/25mm) Tensile strength (N/25mm) Elongation (%) Dielectric strength voltage of base material (kV) Maximum operating temperature (°C)
AUE-112B 0.18 10 210 350 19 80
0.30 10 400 360 25
0.55 10 740 390 34

*The characteristic values given in the table are the measured values, and not the standards.