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Copper-clad laminates

CHUKOH FLO® Copper-clad laminates are the products that have placed electrolytic copper foil onto one side or both side of laminated fluoroplastic impregnated glass fabric or laminated fluoroplastic film.
With our original fluoroplastic impregnated technology, we provide a circuit board which has accuracy in thickness and dielectric constant and have excellent results for developing the communication technology over years.

Copper-clad laminates


▶   CGP-500A

Our standard grade product of a circuit board made of fluoroplastic impregnated glass fabric.


▶   CGS-500A

Low dielectric constant product compare to CGP.


▶   CGN-500

Half or less dielectric loss product compare to CGP with excellent performance over 20GHz.


▶   CGA-500

With maintaining the high-frequency characteristics, suitable product for mass production.


▶   CGH-500

Compare to a general-purpose circuit board such as glass epoxy circuit board, this product provides low dielectric dissipation cir...


▶   CGK-500

With its increased permittivity property, small, lightweight, and highly functional circuit board is obtained.

Category comparison table

Product number Dielectric constant Dissipation factor
CGP-500A 2.6 0.0018
CGS-500A 2.15 0.001
CGN-500 2.3 0.0008
CGA-500 3 0.003
CGH-500 3.5 0.0027
CGK-500 5 0.004

About product number

About product number

Dielectric code

Code Dielectric constant classification
CGP-500 BF- 2.30~2.85
CGS-500 BP- 2.10~2.25
CGN-500 NF- 2.3
CGA-500 HF- 2.9~3.2
CGH-500 XF- 3.25~3.55
CGK-500 XP- 4.5~5.5

Dielectric constant code

Displays dielectric permittivity up to two decimal places.

Thickness of copper foil code

Code Type
0 1/2 oz (18µm)
1 1 oz (35µm)
2 2 oz (70µm)
6 1/3 oz (12µm)

Copper foil layering indication code

Code Type
1 Electrolytic copper foil on one side
2 Electrolytic copper foil on both sides
3 Rolling copper foil on one side
4 Rolling copper foil on both sides
5 Low-coarseness electrolytic copper foil on one side
6 Low-coarseness electrolytic copper foil on both sides

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