chukoh chemical able to provide multiple porous PTFEproducts.

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Porous products(C-Porous™)

It is a product made porous of fluorine resin (PTFE). As it is with the characteristics of fluorine resin, it becomes a film-like / tubular product that combines breathability and water repellency.

Porous products(C-Porous™)

Porousfilm(ePTFE) C-Porous™

▶   Porousfilm(ePTFE) C-Porous™

The PTFE film products manufactured with the original techniques.

Porous tube(ePTFE) C-Porous™

▶   Porous tube(ePTFE) C-Porous™

It is a product made by using the porous PTFE. It is a soft tube whose air permeability can be changed by adjusting the porosity. ...

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