Adhesive Tapes


  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Fluororesin/Film based material
  • UL Standard
  • RoHS Directive


Adhesive tape with a ultra-thin strengthening fluoroplastic film as the basic material and applied a silicone adhesive one side.
→The “FR” suffix

Main applications

• Band for coaxial cable
• Insulation covering for a place without much space
• Insulating tape
• Identification
• Sliding application where unevenness is not desired

Operating temperature limit

-60℃ to +200℃



• Total thickness is 0.04mm.
• No curling when applied, soft and smooth tape.
• Light green in color.
• Easily identified based on the color.
• The surface of the tape has excellent anti-adhesion qualities as well as releace property, and sliding property.
• Excellent electric insulation and chemical resistivity.
• Meets UL510 standard.
• Also available in black color.

Typical dimensions

Total thickness
Maximum width
compliant products
0.045, 10, 20405

Typical properties

Product codeTotal thickness
Adhesion 180° peel test
Tensile strength
Breakdown voltage
Maximum service temperature
ASF-116T FR0.043401105200

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